Microneedling / skin needling

Microneedling | Holistic Skin Solutions

Microneedling (aka skin needling) is designed for clinical skin rejuvenation of the face, hands, neck, décolletage and certain areas of the body requiring targeted skin regeneration.

It opens thousands of controlled micro-channels that trigger the skin’s natural healing response, inducing natural woven collagen and elastin synthesis; releasing growth factors that induce rejuvenation and transports 80% more active ingredients from serums to the deepest layers of the skin, thus enhancing the treatment’s effectiveness to reveal a rejuvenated, more youthful and voluminous complexion.

The results of microneedling are visible from the first session. This treatment is both effective, yet gentle and fully compatible with your daily routine, enabling you to rediscover the beauty your skin has lost over time.

Skin needling benefits

● Tighten and firm ageing and lax skin
● Reduce appearance of fine lines, folds and wrinkles
● Reduce appearance of acne and chicken pox scars
● Lighten appearance of hyperpigmentation & uneven skin tone
● Clearer, brighter & fresher skin tone
● Reduce pore size
● Improve appearance of stretch marks and surgical scarring
● Aid in the regeneration of skin by inducing capillary exfoliation.
● Increase resilience, hydration and volume of thinning skin

Microneedling rejuvenates the skin far more effectively than derma rollers, microdermabrasion or peel treatments, and the adjustable needle depth allows for a treatment that is fully tailored to your individual needs.

The German Engineered Exceed Amieamed Medical Microneedling Pen uses sterile, sealed individual and disposable needle cartridges to ensure patient safety and allows the aesthetician to control the depth of penetration and speed of treatment

Your unique skin care plan

Your skin concerns will be discussed during your consultation and a customised treatment plan devised to achieve your specific skin goals. A combination of treatments and skin care will be recommended to achieve the best possible results.

Skin needling before and after

Microneedling is similar to fractional laser treatments, but without the severe side effects or long recovery time. Depending on the treatment area, skin condition and the depth of penetration, some clients experience discomfort during the procedure and subsequent redness for 12- 48 hours post treatment. On day three you will easily be able to cover any mild redness with breathable mineral make-up for you to return to work with confidence.

Whilst you will notice results from the first treatment, more significant results will become visible after 4 to 6 treatments (spaced 4 – 8 weeks apart). The condition of your skin will continue to improve over the next 6 – 12 months after completing a course of treatments

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