Holistic Skin Solutions, formerly Cosmetic Laser Solutions, was established in February 2009, offering a range of quality cosmetic solutions with a primary focus on customised treatments. I enjoy helping clients resolve their skin conditions by including a holistic approach that incorporates, skin nutrition, gut health, and lifestyle factors etc. and how these impact on your skin’s health and may be compromising treatment results. Healthy skin reflects general health, wellbeing and a functioning immune system. If your skin’s condition has changed, it is worth examining further than just assessing the surface of the skin, until we discover what is occurring internally, as medication and stress levels impact the body’s ability to heal too.

At Holistic Skin Solutions you are treated by one Clinician only, giving you peace of mind that the utmost skill, care and consistency is provided. We have a reputation in the industry for being thorough, results driven and honest, ensuring that clients have a realistic expectation of treatment outcomes.

We are able to offer a range of effective, safe & non-surgical skin treatments alongside an award winning range of skin care products and supplements. Whilst providing quality skin treatments in the clinic, exceptional levels of aftercare support ensure maximum skin protection for the most effective outcomes.

Located conveniently on the outskirts of the city with parking available, you will find our extended business hours suit the busiest of schedules.

Why not book a consult today to discuss your skin concerns, explore treatment options and devise a treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

Initial consult fees range from $30 – $50 dependent on time allocated.