Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Effective Acne treatment | Holistic Skin Solutions

Although the main causes of acne are hormonal and genetic, many other factors can contribute to breakouts and certain personal habits might be making it difficult for you to clear up the breakout. At Holistic Skin Solutions we offer acne treatment combining highly effective skin care products and LED treatments.

Our one hour Acne treatment includes:

  • Enzyme steam cleanse and mask or skin peel
  • Pore refining or Vitamin A mask
  • LED blue and red light therapy
  • Complete treatment with suitable serums & moisturisers

My aim is to educate you on how to have clear skin, and to help you make educated decisions about the best acne treatment solution for your skin.

Acne Vulgaris has four classifications, and can be separated into two basic categories:

  • Non-inflammatory Acne
  • Inflammatory Acne

Non-inflammatory acne (Grade I & II) is typically characterised by closed comedones, commonly known as whiteheads, and open comedones which have oxidized and turned brownish black. The skin is generally not sensitive or reactive and has some excessive oil and tissue congestion.

Inflammatory Acne (Grade III & IV) is typically characterised by redness and tenderness with heat present in the skin, excessive oil, and the skin is usually sensitive and reactive to products. Types of lesions present would be papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. Lesions occur when the bacteria combined with the oil and dead skin cells irritate the lining of the follicle walls. When the pressure inside the pore builds, the lining ruptures and debris spills into the surrounding skin tissue. If the follicular break is very large or deep in the skin, the inflammation may last several days or even weeks. Nodules are usually sore to the touch. Cysts happen when one or more follicles collapse or explode deep within the skin and cause severe swelling, inflammation and pain. The longer it takes for an acne lesion to heal, the more likely it will result in scarring.

Recommendations to attain clearer skin:

  1. Have a skin assessment so that a suitable skincare regime can be recommended for your skin type. Using the appropriate cleanser twice a day is the first step. Cleansers that contains Glycolic, lactic or salicylic acids would be effective.
  2. Include resurfacing treatments or skin peels: One of the proven causes of acne is a build-up of dead skin cells blocking the pores, but it’s also possible for the pore lining to become abnormally thick with too many skin cells. Both can cause oil to back up in the pore which starts the process of creating pimples. The best way to exfoliate is to use a product containing Salicylic acid which not only effectively and gently exfoliates skin on the surface, but also exfoliates inside the pore, kills bacteria and has anti-redness properties. Enzymes or a combination of acids which are also effective may be selected depending on how sensitive your skin is.
  3. Absorb oil: Your facial treatment will including a mask that absorbs oil and a suitable moisturiser will be used and recommended for homecare. Unfortunately, there’s no way to topically control oil production caused by hormones, but you can help control the oil that comes to the skin’s surface by not using overly emollient products and by absorbing oil whenever possible.
  4. Extractions: Certain lesions are best left alone as they cause scarring, but if you have blackheads that can safely be extracted this will be done as part of your acne treatment. If products alone are not clearing your blackheads, they will need to be cleared or the skin will continue to stretch and pores will enlarge. Try not to squeeze or pick at your skin as this will cause scarring and spread the P-acne Bacteria.
  5. Eliminate acne-causing bacteria with LED light treatments: This is an effective alternative to using harsh products like benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics and topical creams which can have serious side effects. LED light treats mild to moderate acne, by reducing the bacteria count and inflammation associated with acne, and therefore reduces the number of acne lesions.
  6. Laser treatments for red acne scars: When your acne is under control, you may be left with some red scarring. We will then treat this scarring with laser and LED light therapy to return your self-confidence.
  7. Protect against sun damage: Skin cannot heal acne if it’s battling daily inflammation caused by sun damage at the same time. Broad-spectrum sun protection provided by a well-formulated, lightweight sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher will accelerate the healing process for acne and will keep your skin protected from further damage. Protecting your skin from the sun will also reduce acne scars and pigmentation caused by burning the skin when it is red and inflamed or if there is an open lesion present. Remember that the sun does not heal acne, inhibit oil production, or even prevent bacteria growth. It only dries the skin out and causes discolouration and wrinkles. For women: good quality mineral powders with sunscreen are great alternatives.

No treatment regime would be successful without an effective at-home skin-care routine.

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