Kelly Loughry

I have been seeing the wonderful Cindy for several years for my skin treatment and skin care products. When I first started treatment, I was having break outs and I was not really happy with my skin overall. After only 2 treatments my breakouts had minimised and I was loving my skin again. The products Cindy recommended have changed the way I cleanse and look after my skin. My husband has also seen Cindy and uses the products she recommended. Recently I have taken my 11 year old daughter to see Cindy for her skin, she has terrible break outs and I want to get on top of it. Cindy has not only been treating her skin but educating her on how gut health effects our skin. After one treatment and following her recommendation of a small diet change my daughters skin improved so much. I’m so thankful to Cindy, her wealth of knowledge, not only about skin and products but about how our diet, stress level, hormones etc affect us, her compassion and the way she truly cares about her clients is abundant.

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