Products to assist your skin’s microbiome

At Holistic Skin Solutions, we offer a range of products that support the skin’s microbiome.

Dermatonics Copper Peptide:   

Calms, soothes, and protects your skin against environmental stressors. Re-apply several times per day over you make-up.

Dermatonics Enzyme Exfoliating Gel / Gentle Cream Cleanser:

This gentle cleansing duo will protect and calm the acid mantle. An alternative option would be Organic Spa’s Microexfoliant and Cream Cleanse which are both very gentle too.

Dermatonics Hyaluronic Acid / Vitamin C+ Booster / Peptide Serum:

All products are made from plant extracts, containing antioxidant rich vitamins, amino acids that protect the cells and provide hydration and prevent oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Whilst hyaluronic acid is hydrating, it is also a prebiotic for skin as it prevents the growth of bacteria, and then works as a postbiotic after a by-product is created during a fermentation process which is very beneficial for the skin, releasing plenty of nutrients. Vitamin C serum strengthens the immune system and contains squalene which strengthens the lipid barrier. Niacinamide contained in Peptide serum also strengthens the skin moisture barrier keeping the skin healthy.

Dermatonics Beauty Elixir / Nourishing Face Oil / Rejuvenation Moisturiser / Brightening Essence:

A powerhouse of native medicinal plant extracts with a unique blend of oils, vitamins and antioxidants that restore lipids, provides cellular repair and intense hydration to help balance and strengthen the skin’s microbiome. Nourishing oil is a great addition for those with sensitive skin too!

Dermatonics Clearskin Range: Balancing Oil / Clearskin Moisturiser/ Clearskin Forte:

A unique formula specifically designed for skin with moderate to severe breakouts that are not responding to regular moisturisers and standard treatment techniques. Balancing Oil is a great addition to standard moisturisers if your acne is mild. These products contain key active ingredients with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties formulated to hydrate and repair the skin barrier.

O Cosmedics 30SPF & 50SPF / Dermatonics 50SPF:

Both mineral based and broad spectrum physical sunscreen which is the best protection you can provide your skin barrier as nothing penetrates the skin but sits on top of the skin reflecting harsh UVB & UVA radiation.

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