Benefits of Niacinamide & Zinc

Cosmetic Laser Solutions now stocks a topical serum containing 12% Niacinamide B3 and 1% Zinc which is prepared by a compounding Green Dispensary.

Niacinamide B3

Niacinamide helps restore PH balance to the Acid Mantle (the outermost layer of the skin) to protect against pathogens, pollution, sunlight and toxins that cause inflammation. Niacinamide regulates oil (sebum) production and a natural exfoliation process which together with Vitamin A and prevents moisture loss, keeping your skin hydrated. It regulates melanin production by inhibiting transfer of melanin around the cell nucleus making the skin lighter and brighter with less visible pigment. Niacinamide also helps prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after breakouts as it acts like a melanin uptake inhibitor.

Niacinamide in low doses is beneficial for all skin types, but high doses are especially beneficial for acne, sensitive or reactive impaired skins to restore balance.


Zinc is an important mineral that strengthens the immune system, protects cells, supports skin healing, and reduces the signs of ageing. It has important anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that moderate oil production and boost cell turnover. Zinc can significantly improve acne and help balance excess testosterone in those who have low zinc levels.

Zinc Picolinate and Methionine are the best forms for the skin whereas Zinc Citrate and Sulphate have the lowest effect on the skin.

It is important to regularly check your zinc levels to ensure that you are not overdosing on it.

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