Bitter herbs

If you are feeling a little nauseated, bloated, or full of gas, bitter herbs can assist!

Bitter Herbs that improve Digestion & Gut Health:

(This is not recommended for pregnant women)

Bitter herbs stimulate digestion, and help your body stay in the parasympathetic nervous system, by increasing the number of digestive secretions in you stomach that help break down food more instantly and successfully.

Try the following bitter herbs for better health:


Dandelion is tonic for your liver, aiding digestion, and an excellent cleanser for your body, supporting your elimination system, relieving constipation and bloating.

Yellow Dock Root:

This is another amazing bitter herb that calms your digestive system in stressful times whilst aiding digestion. The name stems from its yellow roots and the stalks are a rusty red colour

Lemon Balm:

Like Yellow Dock Root, Lemon Balm works well for nervous digestion, but also for gas and nausea. It’s great for those who are writing exams or find social outings stressful too!


This is a special bitter herb. Not only does it stimulate digestion, but it can increase your appetite for those who don’t eat enough because they don’t experience hunger and therefore tend to be a little underweight.

Other options that help would be:

  • Have a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar or fresh lemon juice in a glass of hot or cold water to increase the stomach’s PH level and aid digestion. Please drink this through a straw and have another glass of water after to rinse and protect your teeth.
  • Take digestive enzymes such as Digest Premium and Intolergest which is available in clinic

Schedule a consultation to discuss which of these natural and effective treatments may assist you.

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