The importance of sticking to your treatment plan!

A number of factors impact on the success of your laser hair removal treatment regime. One such factor that people tend to forget is the interval between treatments which is determined according to hair growth cycles.

Hair has three growth cycles, and laser is most effective during only one of those cycles. To try and illustrate this point, have a look at the diagram below.


There is the anagen phase, also known as the growth phase, the catagen (intermediate) phase and the telogen phase when the hair is resting. Laser hair removal is most effective and only able to disable the hair follicle when it is in active growth (anagen phase) and connected to your blood supply. Importantly, not all your hair is in the same cycle at any one time which is why you will always need more than one procedure to completely treat one area, no matter how big or small it may be.

In addition, hair in different areas of the body has growth cycles of different durations, and it’s therefore important to time your treatments according to the specific growth cycle of the area being treated. To give you a better idea, we’ve broken down the body into 3 sections giving you a guideline of the average time between treatments in different areas:

  • Face & neck – 4 -5 weeks
  • Trunk – 6 weeks
  • Limbs – 8 weeks

When having laser treatment for the first time, the initial 6 – 8 treatments will have the most effect on the overall reduction so it is critical to stick to the correct treatment intervals. Once the hairs become light and fine in texture, they are more difficult to permanently remove.

So believe it or not, you yourself will often contribute to just how successful your treatment is and how quickly you achieve those results by sticking to your treatment program recommended by your practitioner – delaying your treatments for weeks at a time can cause you to skip an Anagen phase which results in having more treatments (and no one wants that!).

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